Cap or diaphragm

Cap or diaphragm
At the samedaydoctor Central London clinic samedaydoctor can also measure and fit a cap or diaphragm and advise on its use. Call 0207 631 0090 to make an appointment subject to the doctor’s availability.
The cap or diaphragm is a soft rubber disc, squirted with spermicidal gel or cream, pushed into the vagina before sex, a bit like putting in a tampon, and kept in for 6 hours after sex, then washed and put back its little storage box. The advantages are that there are no hormones or side effects and periods are not affected. You need to have your size ‘measured’ by a trained doctor or nurse but don’t need any further follow up. The disadvantages are that they have to be thought of each time you plan to or may have sex and are not as reliable as some of the other options.

Cap or diaphragm fitting£150

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