Emergency contraception IUD or pill

Emergency contraception options are:

1. An emergency IUD fitting. The IUD is the most reliable method of emergency contraception and is available at our Central London clinic subject to the doctor’s availability. Phone 020 7631 0090 for advice and availability or use this link to contact us. The IUD can be used for post-coital contraception if you are at risk of pregnancy from sex in the past 5 days or are in the first half of your monthly cycle. Click here for more about the IUD.

2. The Emergency Pill. The emergency pill can, where appropriate, be prescribed following a phone or email consultation and a prescription faxed to your local pharmacy, so you can get your medication right away; or walk-in to any of our clinics where you see the walk-in symbol. Samedaydoctor prescribes the most up to date emergency pill which is not yet available in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, and is more reliable than it’s predecessor. Although best taken as soon as possible after sex the latest emergency pill is licensed up to 5 days after sex and hence is no longer called the ‘morning after pill’. You may also chose to book an appointment at your nearest clinic.

Consultation and prescription for emergency contraception£100
Emergency IUD fitting£390
Speak to a doctor by phone or email£60

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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