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New meningitis B vaccine.

Meningitis B is a new addition to the repertoire of infections that children can be vaccinated against. Currently the commonest type of meningitis to affect children in the UK is Meningitis B.  Children have been offered vaccination against Meningitis C for some years, but Meningitis B  has proved much more difficult to create a vaccine against and has only recently be developed. It has been recommended that the Meningitis B vaccine should be offered to all children on the NHS but this has not yet been implemented because the vaccine is to expensive. Some parents may therefore opt to give this vaccine privately to ensure their child is protected as soon as possible. Meningitis can also occasionally strike at universities and colleges as recently happened in America and so some parents are choosing to vaccinate their older children before going off to university or college.
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Meningitis W and the Meningitis ACWY vaccine. 

There has been a rise in a strain of meningitis called Meningitis W in the UK. It is now recommended that young people between 14 and 18 years of age be vaccinated with the Meningitis ACWY vaccination. It is also possible to vaccine babies and younger children against Meninigitis strains A,C,W and Y rather than just strain C as currently on the NHS.
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Single Measles vaccination.

BabyJabs offers single Measles vaccine where a parent prefers not to give their child the MMR. Whilst you want to make sure your little one is protected from diseases, many parents have doubts about vaccinating against several diseases at once. BabyJabs@samedaydoctor recognises these concerns, and offers single baby vaccines as an alternative to combined vaccines such as MMR and the 5-in-1. Single mumps and rubella vaccines are currently unavailable and Dr Halvorsen, founder of babyjabs, is happy to discuss the pros and cons of MMR versus single measles with you so that you can make an informed decision. Babyjabs also offers the option of an immunity test rather than automatically giving a second dose of the measles vaccine. See below for more information on ‘immunity’ or ‘antibody’ tests.

Single and small combination baby vaccines principals.

BabyJabs vaccination clinics are led by Dr Richard Halvorsen, founder of BabyJabs ( Dr Richard Halvorsen has had over 20 years’ experience as an NHS GP and has developed a keen interest in childhood immunisations, having published books and broadcast extensively on the subject. He started to offer mercury free vaccines to his NHS patients before they became widely available. In response to parental demand, he launched ‘BabyJabs’, a children’s immunisation service that offers parents a comprehensive choice of single and small combination vaccines, as free from additives as possible. Dr Halvorsen has now brought his expertise to BabyJabs@samedaydoctor. Contrary to common assumption, baby immunisations do not have to be given in line with the current UK immunisation schedule promoted by the Department of Health. Every European country has its own recommended vaccination schedule. Some countries recommend vaccines at 3, 5, and 12 months, whereas currently in the UK, baby vaccines are normally given when the child is 2, 3, and 4 months of age. BabyJabs and samedaydoctor are empowering parents to decide on the most appropriate vaccination programme for their children.

Single and Small Combination Baby Vaccines are available against:

Measles / Diphtheria / Tetanus / Polio / Hib / Meningitis C / Pneumococcus / Chicken Pox / Pertussis (Whooping Cough) / Rotavirus / Hepatitis B /Meningitis B (new)

Vaccination programme tailored to the individual child.

With so much conflicting information in the media about baby immunisations and the benefits and risks of combination children’s and baby vaccinations, including MMR injections, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to make an informed decision about their child’s vaccination programme. You might not be sure if your child requires immunisations against all eleven diseases as recommended by the Department of Health, or perhaps you have a specific reason to vaccinate against an illness for which a vaccine is not currently offered on the NHS. If you’ve decided which vaccines you’d like your baby or child to receive, you might still be confused about when these vaccinations should be given. Whatever your reason for seeking individualised advice about children’s or baby immunisations, you can rest assured babyjabs@samedaydoctor can help take the confusion out of what might seem an immeasurable number of options, and help you decide on a personalised immunisation programme for your child.


Safety of single vaccines.

Single and small combination baby vaccines have been used for many years, in most cases for longer than the combination vaccines offered on the NHS. They are manufactured by large reputable pharmaceutical companies and fully tested for safety and effectiveness. There is a wide choice of vaccinations available at BabyJabs@samedaydoctor.

Antibody blood tests.

Repeat dose of vaccines are often given and the NHS recommends two doses of  MMR, however, the second dose is not a ‘booster’, but a second chance for the child to be protected in case one or more components of the first vaccine did not work. This results in many children receiving a second MMR injection when they don’t really need it. At BabyJabs’ parents can decide whether to proceed with an immunity blood test after the first measles vaccine, in order to test whether the child is protected and thus whether further vaccines are required. Whilst antibody blood tests cannot guarantee that your child will not become infected by a particular illness, they do give a good indication as to whether your child is protected or needs a second dose. Dr Halvorsen and the BabyJabs team have negotiated special rates for antibody blood tests (£75 for each single Measles, Mumps or Rubella test or £125 for all three Measles, Mumps and Rubella immunity testing), which are conveniently carried out at a laboratory located in Central London.

Examples of prices are below but call 0207 337 1370 for more information.

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

A complete list of vaccines and prices can be found on the BabyJabs website.

Consultation in person or by phone with Dr Richard Halvorsen£150
Single Measles Vaccine£120
Measles immunity test£80
MMR immunity testing£150
Consultation by email£100

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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