Cancer tests

written by Caroline Rogers

Cancer screening.

There are many possible ways of testing for cancer and samedaydoctor can ensure that you have the results in the fastest possible time.
Some examples of how we can can check for cancer are listed below but there are other ways of diagnosing specific cancers, so come and see one or our doctors now to get the reassurance you need.

  • Smear and HPV testing for cervical cancer
  • Mammogram or breast ultrasound scan for breast cancer
  • Faecal blood test for bowel cancer and referral for colonoscopy where indicated
  • CA125/ HE4 blood test and/or ovarian ultrasound scan for ovarian cancer
  • PSA blood test for prostate cancer (for men over 50 years)
  • Chest X-ray (CXR) or MRI for lung cancer where indicated
  • Testicular examination and ultrasound scan for testicular cancer

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