Fit to return to work & long term sickness

The issues surrounding long term sickness absence and return to work after a long period of sickness can be complex and occasionally involve legal proceedings. We do have a small number of doctors in the samedaydoctor group who are trained occupational health doctors and may be able to help. Contact us using the link or phone 020 7631 0090 to discuss your situation.

Prices depend on the details of the individual case.

Sickness absence can have a big impact on the productivity of your business and the life of your employees. The HSE has produced a booklet  which takes employees through the process of helping ill, injured or disabled employees on long-term sick leave to return to their jobs as soon as possible. Its contents will also be of interest to trade union and other employee representatives.

Everyone at work will probably need to take sick leave at some time during their working lives and in most cases this only lasts a few days. But if absence is prolonged it can have devastating effects on your business costs and the quality of life of the employee concerned.

Work, provided it is managed safely and effectively, is essential to good health and well-being. Inability to get back to work due to poor health brings on more health problems, both physical and mental . The longer people are off work, the less likely it is that they will return. Research shows that after only six weeks’ sickness absence, a person’s ability to return to work falls away rapidly. Almost one in five people who reach this point will stay off work sick and eventually leave paid employment.

But this journey is not inevitable and you can take action to prevent the loss of your employees through poor health. If you do this you will: ■ avoid unnecessary recruitment and training expenditure and maintain competitiveness in a full employment economy; ■ reduce your Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and overall sickness absence costs; ■ avoid significant penalties for discriminating against disabled workers; ■ improve workplace relations; ■ raise your organisation’s reputation; ■ safeguard the livelihood of your employees, and so benefit their families and communities. Companies in both the UK and USA have made significant savings by introducing return to work programmes.


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