Other contraceptive methods

Other contraceptive methods not included on other pages on this site are:


The advantages of condoms are that there are no hormones or side effects, and periods are not affected. There is no need to see a doctor or nurse as they are easy to buy. They also offer lots of protection against STDs and so it’s a good idea to use one even if you are using another method of contraception at the same time, unless you any your partner have had recent STD checks. The disadvantages are that they have to be thought of at the time of sex and are not as reliable as some of the other options. Condoms are readily available including from pharmacies.

Natural contraception

Natural contraception involves keeping a period diary, but also measuring your daily temperature and testing the ‘cervical mucus’. Done properly it’s quite a skill to know when you’re ovulating. If this is your only method you will have to avoid sex for certain days each month. The advantages are that there are no hormones or side effects and periods are not affected. You would need to find someone trained in natural contraception to teach this properly and it is not as reliable as some of the other options.


Men can be sterilised (vasectomy) or women can be sterilised (tubal surgery). Sterilisation is normally an irreversible process. It has the advantage of being very reliable and permanent, but does involve some minor surgery. Samedaydoctor can refer you to an appropriate specialist if this is your chosen method.

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