Ear Syringing

Samedaydoctor can remove ear wax quickly and easily at a time convenient to you with same day appointments. It is advisable to use warm oil, such as olive oil, in the ears for 2 days prior to attempting wax removal.

Preparation of the ear is essential.  Up to 7 days application of eardrops is important in order to soften the wax and facilitate easy removal with irrigation.

It is also important for the ear to be properly examined preceding the irrigation process. A feeling of blockage in the ear and also be caused by problems in the middle ear, e.g. catarrh and indeed problems outer ear such as otitis externa. Trying to irrigate the ear would not solve these problems.

Occasionally patients need to be referred for suction treatment to remove wax and we have excellent ear nose and throat specialists who can advise and carry out these procedures.

We also have facilities for hearing tests and access to MRI scanning in order to diagnose other ear conditions such as acoustic neuroma and Ménière’s disease.

Wax removal£140

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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