Erectile Dysfunction

All samedaydoctor clinics have doctors and nurse practitioners experienced in managing and treating erectile dysfunction or impotence. Medicines can be prescribed where indicated on visiting a samedaydoctor clinic (book now) or following a phone or email consultation, provided you have had a recent blood pressure (BP) reading and no medical conditions contraindicating the use of this type of medication. Psychosexual management of erectile dysfunction is offered at our Central London clinic.

Private Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Investigating erectile dysfunction involves taking a detailed medical and psychological history.  We have fully trained psychosexual counsellors on our team who have a range of experience in all such problems as well as in managing morbid and unreasonable fears of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction include diabetes, hormone disorders, cardiovascular diseases, prostate and urinary issues and indeed erectile dysfunction can present as a non-specific presentation of poor general health. We can organise blood and urine tests, as well as scans and X-rays to elucidate any physical issue which is causing loss of libido and/or poor erectile function.  A number of men present postoperatively after prostate surgery, which needs managing will skill and experience.

There is a range of medical and surgical treatments available, and our team is experienced in the provision of these and monitoring in order to minimise adverse effects. In all cases, complete privacy and confidentiality is assured.

Consultation & prescription£120

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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