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If you are feeling unwell you can see or speak to a doctor today. Samedaydoctor gives you the treatment or medicines you need quickly so that you can get back to your busy life. You can book a time convenient for you by phone or completing the book now form, or simply walk-in. Most people are seen within 20 minutes.

Our professional doctors and nurses can help with all types of illness such as coughs, colds and sore throats, to more serious health concerns, worrying symptoms or long term illnesses. Fast test results are often back the same day and we offer unbelievably fast access to X-rays and scans.  If you’re not sure whether you need to come in or want to speak to a doctor first, then arrange a phone or email consultation and get the advice you need, without leaving your home or office.

Sick children can be seen at all our samedaydoctor clinics by appointment. Please phone your chosen clinic if your child is unwell, to check the availability of suitable doctors.

Make an appointment rather than walk-in if you have problems or injuries related to joints and muscles, issues to do with psychological well-being, or complex health problems, so that we can ensure that you see the best doctor for you needs.

You don’t need to register. You can just see a doctor when you need us, or you can use samedaydoctor as your regular private GP and register if you wish. So just give us a call or fill in the appointment request form and we can arrange a time convenient to you today or tomorrow; or simply walk-in.

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Consultation in clinic£100
Phone or email consultation£50
Promotional discount Manchester consultation fee£90

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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