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Medicals for pre-employment, work, company, visas, executive, sport activities or whatever your need, can be arranged at samedaydoctor at extremely short notice through our team of experienced doctors and nurse practitioners.

Pre-employment assessments / fit for work. Click here for more information.

Work and company medicals are tailored to your company’s needs. Simply contact samedaydoctor with your requirements and we will book an appointment convenient for you.

Samedaydoctor Medicals. Book here.
The Executive Health screen at samedaydoctor  involves a comprehensive full body check up, detailed blood tests, urine analysis, ECG and a health report with recommendations for health improvements.
The Primary Health Screen is a simpler version involving a comprehensive medical examination and detailed blood profile.
For comparison of the Executive and Primary Health screens Table comparing Executive and Primary Health screens.

Visa medicals. Samedaydoctor is able to conduct medicals for visas to: Saudi Arabia, China, Cayman Islands, British Virgin islands, St Kitts and Nevis, South Africa and Kuwait (including a 15 min Filariasis test at Central London and Manchester clinics). Contact us for more information.

Sports medicals include boxing, marathons & motor racing. Contact us  for more information.

MedicalsFrom £150
Visa MedicalsFrom £150
Primary Health Screen£350
Executive Health Screen£450

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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