Second Opinions

Patients coming to see a private doctor do not have to give up their NHS connections to an NHS GP or hospital.  We can function as a second opinion service and a number of Companies and Corporations use us regularly in this way.  We have full access to MRI X ray and ultrasound scanning facilities with same day appointments and can also take blood and urine for investigation with same day results.

Furthermore, we have access to a wide range of secondary and tertiary care referrals-ie we can refer to private expert specialist advice at Consultant level with very short waiting times to get the opinion of a highly specialised doctor.  We can also refer for surgery or gynaecology investigations as appropriate and we have good relationships with local NHS and private hospitals and Urgent Care Centres.

People often need additional reassurance regarding their symptoms and treatment, and may wish to have the opinion of more than one doctor regarding their medical care. Our doctors are very happy to give a second opinion about your condition, or give interpretation of test results. They can refer you to a specialist where necessary.

This does not apply if you are already in hospital; and only applies if you are currently in or normally live in the UK. We can only give opinions to the patient themselves or the parent or guardian in the case of a child. We cannot give an opinion on relatives or friends.

Second opinion in clinic£120
Phone or email opinion£70

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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