Breast worries

Breast cancer fears can be addressed quickly by samedaydoctor. We can arrange extremely fast investigations, normally starting with a mammogram or breast ultrasound scan. These tests can often be arranged on the day you contact us or the following day. If you are worried about breast cancer, especially if you have found a breast lump, you need answers straight away, and we can help you to get quick answers. Contact us to find out more about availability. We may be able to book your investigation following a phone or email consultation.

Other breast symptoms can be assessed by our doctors or nurse practitioners who can advise you as to the best course of action, or if it is simply breast screening or a breast check up that you need we can arrange this at a time convenient to you. Book now

Mammogramfrom £350 varies by area
Breast Ultrasound scanfrom £340 varies by area

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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