Yellow Fever Vaccine

All samedaydoctor clinics are designated Yellow Fever centres able to provide Yellow Fever vaccinations and genuine Yellow Fever certificates for immigration purposes. Yellow fever vaccination is needed in Central Africa and many parts of South America.

To make an appointment, call, book online, or walk in where you see the symbol. (Children are by appointment only.)

Yellow fever certificates currently last for 10 years. Samedaydoctor can issue replacement certificates if you have the date and batch number of the vaccine given previously. If you have lost your certificate and do not have this information, then you will need to be re-vaccinated.

Yellow fever immunity is now considered to be lifelong, so repeating vaccination is not needed unless to obtain a Yellow Fever certificate for immigration purposes.

Exemption certificates can be issued by a doctor if there are medical reasons why you should not be vaccinated but still wish to travel to somewhere where a certificate is needed to clear immigration.

Yellow fever vaccine£120 London

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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