Zika Virus Test

Zika Virus Testing can be performed quickly and conveniently at samedaydoctor, using a simple blood test, with results in approximately one week for standard testing, and about 10 days for early detection testing.

Testing after traveling to a regions where Zika virus is present can provide some reassurance when planning a pregnancy or help to avoid the risk of sexual transmission or the virus, as well as helping with diagnosis if you have symptoms.

Zika virus has been found in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and parts of the USA and symptoms are often not severe, resembling  mild flu, but infection during pregnancy causes severe birth defects, in particular microcephaly, where the head and brain fail to develop normally.


Standard Zika test (more than 3 weeks from contact or more than 7 days of symptoms)£250
Early Zika tests (less than 3 weeks from contact or in first 7 days of symptoms)£360

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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