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Heart Health

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SameDayDoctor can provide the peace of mind you need by seeing you the same day to assess any worries you may have about your heart.

The simplest first tests for your heart are to check your blood pressure (BP) and your blood cholesterol and lipids. These can be done in a quick and easy visit to any SameDayDoctor clinic with results the same or next day. We can do a resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) in the clinic with fast interpretation and we can also give advice on steps to take to improve your heart health. We can also organise 24-hour blood pressure monitoring if required.

If you wish more in-depth testing then a heart exercise test or ‘stress test’ can be arranged to analyse how the heart copes during strenuous exercise. The test looks at the electrical activity in the heart while a person is running on a treadmill.

For concerns about blood pressure over a period of time, we can arrange for this to be measured over a 24 hour period. Similarly, if there are concerns about the heart rhythm then a 24 hour ECG can be organised.

The SameDayDoctor Executive Heart and Health Screen incorporates the Executive Health screen with an exercise ECG or heart ‘stress test’.


CT Coronary Angiogram

The coronary CT angiogram scan is used to find out if the blood vessels around the heart are narrowed or becoming blocked. It can be used if you have symptoms, such as chest pain, that may suggest a narrowing of the blood vessels or if you are at risk of heart disease and wish to have a definitive answer as to whether you have any ‘furring up’ of the blood vessels around your heart. As part of this scan, you also get a ‘calcium score’. This is a guide to the overall amount of furring up of the blood vessels.

In a coronary CT angiogram, you are given an injection of dye via a needle in your arm. It is quick, safe and you can drive or resume normal activities afterwards.



The echocardiogram is very useful in detecting abnormalities in heart valves and also looking at the anatomy and functioning of the heart muscle.  As such, it is invaluable in detecting early signs of many cardiac disorders.



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