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Samedaydoctor offers a wide range of health screens.  Appointments are available at short notice at times convenient to you and you will have results of any tests as quickly as possible.

Primary health screen: The samedaydoctor primary health screen enables you to have a thorough general medical examination and a full blood profile, with same or next day results, and is suitable for those who are fit and well, wanting a check up, or those who have symptoms that are worrying them.

Executive Health Screen: The samedaydoctor comprehensive Executive Health Screen involves a more extensive medical examination, a full blood profile, urine analysis, ECG (electrocardiogram to assess the heart)  and a full health report with recommendations for health improvement.
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A non-refundable deposit is required when booking an Executive Health Screen.
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Well Women Screen: Samedaydoctor offers a breast and gynaecological health screen for women, which includes:

  • Assessment of current symptoms and past gynaecological and breast problems
  • Urine analysis
  • Breast examination and guidance in breast self examination
  • A smear test
  • Gynaecological examination.
  • Mammography can be arranged at an additional cost and is suitable for screening women over 40 years of age up to once per year. Other tests may be added at additional costs including HPV test for cervical cancer risk, Breast ultrasound scan, hormone tests, ovarian reserve testing, fertility testing, blood test for ovarian cancer (CA125 and HE4) or pelvic ultrasound scan.
  • Women who want to have a more general check up, rather than one focusing on specific women’s health such as gynaecology and breast, are invited to have a Primary Health Screen as above.

Well Man Screen: Samedaydoctor offers men a primary or executive health screen with additional prostate testing using a simple blood test for ‘prostate specific antigen’ (PSA), and an examination where indicated, in men over the age of 50.

Executive Heart and Health Screen: The samedaydoctor Executive Heart and Health Screen incorporates the Executive Health screen with an exercise ECG or heart ‘stress test’, to analyse how the heart copes during exercise. The test looks at the electrical activity in the heart while a person is running on a treadmill.

Tailor made Health screens: Samedaydoctor can build a health screen tailor-made to your specific needs as basic or extensive as you choose. Just contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

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Primary Health screen£350
Executive Health screen£450
Well woman screen£250
Well woman with mammogram£450
Executive Heart and Health screenfrom £850 varies by location

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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