Vaccines against STDs

Vaccines are available against some sexual infections. STD vaccines includes HPV (Human papilloma virus) which causes cervical cancer, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A which cause liver disease.

HPV vaccine

Is routinely given to girls at school in the UK and protects against cervical cancer and genital warts. Anyone can opt to have this vaccination, and it is particularly recommended if you are not in a stable relationship. HPV vaccination is not licensed for men, but there is a growing movement to encourage men to have it as well as women, and it is particularly relevant to protecting gay men. Samedaydoctor can offer HPV vaccination to men and women at any age over 8 years old.

Hepatitis B vaccine (sometimes in combination with Hepatitis A)

Hepatitis B vaccination can protect against catching Hepatitis B, which is most commonly transmitted by sexual intercourse but can also be transmitted by needles, including body piercing and tattoos, and can pass from mother to baby at birth. As Hepatitis B is particularly prevalent in the Far East and Africa, anyone having sex in these parts of the world should consider vaccination. Some people choose to have vaccination even if they don’t have the risks above, and anyone working with blood or needles, such as health care workers, is routinely vaccinated.

Hepatitis B transmission is also more common, and to a lesser extent, Hepatitis A, among gay men, so all gay men are recommended to have Hepatitis A and B vaccinations in combination.

Post-exposure hepatitis B vaccination can be used after a potential exposure to hepatitis B through sexual contact or a needle injury. The first dose should be given as soon as possible after the risk has occurred, but it may be beneficial up to 6 weeks after the risk.

To make an appointment for vaccination to reduce your risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection, or STI, phone your nearest samedaydoctor clinic, book online, or walk into one of the clinics with the walk-in symbol.

For more about the vaccines offered at samedaydoctor see the A-Z vaccines guide.

Sexual health and hepatitis vaccine in UK

If you’re experiencing any hepatitis symptoms or require a hepatitis vaccine, please visit either one of our private GP clinics located in: Manchester, Canary Wharf, City of London & Central London

HPV vaccine£230 per dose
Hepatitis B vaccine£70 per dose
Combined hepatitis A and B vaccine£120 per dose

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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