Gonorrhoea treatment

Gonorrhoea treatment involves an injection.  If you have tested positive for gonorrhoea or had sex with someone who has tested positive, you will need to make an appointment at one of our clinics in order to get treatment. We like to take a culture swab to test for gonorrhoea antibiotic sensitivity.

The number of cases of gonorrhoea has rocketed over recent years. Public Health England reported that numbers more than doubled between 2008 and 2015, increasing from nearly 15,000 to more than 41,000. However, there was a slight decrease in 2016. Condoms significantly reduce the risk of contracting STDs and help prevent Gonorrhoea symptoms in men and women.

For more information on Gonorrhoea (Symptoms, Tests & Medication) see the samedaydoctor STD infection guide.

Gonorrhoea Diagnosis & testing

If you’re experiencing any Gonorrhoea symptoms or seeking same-day gonorrhoea treatment, please visit either one of the SameDayDoctor clinics located in: Manchester, Canary Wharf, City of London & Central London

Consultation and gonorrhoea treatment£270

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