Vaccines For Teens

School leavers in the UK are offered a booster ‘DTP’ vaccine against Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio. If your child has missed their’s we can arrange this at any of our clinics.

Rubella immunity is very important prior to pregnancy so if your daughter has not had the MMR or rubella vaccine it’s a good idea to do this in their teen years before they think about starting a family. Immunity testing for rubella is also important prior to planning a pregnancy.

The HPV Vaccine (human papilloma virus) or Cervical Cancer Vaccine has now been introduced in to the UK for girls in their teens to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Two vaccines are given 6 months apart. Women and men who have not had the vaccines through the school programme can elect to have this at samedaydoctor. Those over 18 years need 3 dose of vaccine.

Meningitis cases occur in small children but there can also be outbreaks at universities and colleges. Meningitis C is included in the UK childhood vaccination programme. The equally prevalent Meningitis B has been much more difficult to produce a vaccine against. However, there is now a Meningitis B vaccine which is being introduced in the immunistation schedule. If any of your family are not part of the NHS vaccination program or are yet to received this vaccine this vaccine it is available through samedaydoctor. Another strain of meningitis called meningitis W is now on the increase and so it is now recommended that young people have a vaccination against this in their teens. The vaccine used protects against 4 types of meningitis and is called meningitis ACWY vaccine. Only a single dose in needed.

Some teenagers are lucky enough to travel to interesting parts of the world. Travel vaccination and malaria prevention are essential for their health. See our Travel Health pages for more details.

TB or tuberculosis is a health concern in parts of the UK and abroad. Some babies considered to be at risk receive the BCG vaccination at birth, in addition some parents choose to vaccinate their children against TB in their teen years. Click here for more information on BCG vaccination.

For more about individual vaccines see A – Z vaccines.

DTP vaccine£60 age 16y and over, £85 under 16y
MMR vaccine£80
HPV vaccine£230 per dose
Meningitis B vaccine£190 per dose
Meningitis ACWY vaccine£100 age 16y and over £120 under 16y

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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