PEP – HIV prevention after sex

It is possible, when indicated, to use antiretroviral drugs to attempt to stop  HIV transmission after a high risk sexual contact (such as unprotected sex/broken condom with a person living with HIV or likely to be HIV positive).

Research is still being undertaken into exactly how effective PEP is at stopping HIV infection but it is likely to offer a significant reduction in risk. We will only prescribe PEP if it is less than 72 hours since the sexual contact and   recommend that PEP is started as soon as possible.  The PEP course lasts 4 weeks, and this is generally well tolerated.

If you feel you may need PEP please contact our Central London clinic 0207 631 0090.

PEP medication for one month, 3 consultations + blood tests£2000

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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