IUD fitting and IUS fitting at our Central London clinic by appointment.

IMPLANT fitting or removal at our Central London  clinic by appointment.

IUD removals at most samedaydoctor clinics.

Contact samedaydoctor if you need supplies of your chosen contraceptive or would like to discuss the options available with one of our doctors or nurse specialists.

Click below for specific contraceptive methods.

IUD (Coil) and the hormonal IUS

Contraceptive implant

Contraceptive injection

Other contraceptive methods – Condoms, natural contraception, sterilisation.

Not all services are offered at all clinics so see the links above to find out which contraceptive methods are available where.

Click the link to use the samedaydoctor contraceptive choices tool, to help chose which contraceptive method is best for you.


Contraceptive injection 1st visit£140
Repeat contraceptive injection£80
Consultation & prescription£120
Repeat prescription for contraceptive pill£60
Consultation + emergency contraceptive pill£175
Phone or email consultation for emergency contraception prescription£80
Copper IUD fitting£390
Hormonal IUS fitting£490
IUD or IUS removal£190
Implant fitting or implant removal£390

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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