COVID-19 Coronavirus testing

We can now offer mandatory day 2 and day 8 and Test to release for those returning to the UK. Please contact our City, Manchester or Canary Wharf Clinics for more information. CLICK HERE FOR DAY 2/8 and TTR

We can ALSO offer COVID 19 swab tests in our clinic:


PCR test for those travelling abroad or Test to Release – The turnaround time for results of the Covid PCR swab test is approximately 1 day.

The cost of the PCR test is £200

Certificates and fit to fly letters can be issued by our doctors after the test if required. 




Refunds are given for cancelled tests- we will charge a £50 cancellation fee.




Our coronavirus antibody tests are available as an Abbott and Roche laboratory tests with a result in 24 hours.

For these tests the specificity is 100% and sensitivity 97.7%.  These are the most accurate tests currently available in the UK and they have been approved for use by the NHS.  The cost of the blood test including full consultation and certificate is £190.

We can also do instant IgG and IgM Surescreen antibody tests using Lateral Flow technology.

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An independent review of our clinic testing programme was published in the Daily Mail see link




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