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Tests are done in our clinic which produces much faster results than using a postal system. Our doctors and nurses will ensure that sufficient blood is taken to produce a valid result rapidly.

Our coronavirus antibody tests are available as an Abbott laboratory test with blood draw from the arm (not fingerprick-result in 24 hours). All tests used have a CE mark and are permitted by the regulatory body the MHRA.

For the Abbott laboratory test the specificity is 100% and sensitivity 99.7%.  This is the most accurate test currently available in the UK and it has been approved for use by the NHS.  The cost of the blood test including a full consultation and certificate is £190.

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We are CQC registered for diagnostic and screening procedures.

The blood test is for IgG antibodies to the virus and therefore tests for immunity to this virus i.e. it can tell you if you have had the virus recently. The blood test does not test for current infection and therefore should not be used to diagnose currently symptomatic coronavirus infections.  It is best done more than 3 weeks after the start of symptoms.

Please note that some people do not develop antibodies even after proven infection with COVID 19.

A full medical consultation takes place before the test is performed.  We are unable to see patients in clinic for any COVID-19 testing until they have been symptom free for 10 days and we will check temperature on arrival.  Face masks must be worn before arrival.

An independent review of our clinic testing programme was published in the Daily Mail see link



Many people are now requesting throat swabs to rule our COVID 19 infection before travel or resuming other activities.

Samedaydoctor can now offer throat swabs for COVID-19 coronavirus. The throat swab tests for the active virus.  This is carried out under CQC regulation for our registered use as Treatment of Disorder, Disease or Injury (TDDI) – the swabs are self administered and tested in The Doctors Laboratory

The throat swab can be used for current diagnosis or to rule out current infection.  You should not attend in person with current or recent symptoms in the past 10 days- we can post the swab to you or a courier can be arranged.  The cost of the throat/nose swab including full consultation and certificate is £250.

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