Hay Fever

All SameDayDoctor clinics offer advice and prescriptions for hay fever.  Sometimes medicines from the pharmacy are not enough and the GPs at SameDayDoctor can offer a range of treatments including tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops which are only available on prescription, so discuss your symptoms with one of our private GPs today. In extreme cases, even these fail to control symptoms and a person’s quality of life can be seriously affected. In such cases, our doctors or nurse practitioners at some of our clinics may consider offering a steroid injection licensed for the treatment of allergies. Hay fever injections are available by appointment only at Central London, City, Manchester and Canary Wharf clinics. Referral to an allergy specialist is recommended in severe cases and SameDayDoctor can arrange this for you.

Hay fever injection where indicated£130

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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