HIV tests

Instant or same day/ next day HIV test results or early detection HIV testing from 10 days after contact.

HIV Test options:

The most suitable HIV test for you depends on how long ago the potential exposure was.


HIV Test table Time from exposure 12 weeks or more 28 days or more 10 days or more
Cost £130 £130 £280
Sample Drop of blood from finger prick Blood test Blood test
Time to results 1 minute Same or next day 5 working days
Further information HIV 1&2 Antibodies HIV 1&2 antibodiesand p24 antigen ‘PCR’ test for HIV(Also includes hepatitis B&C)

All samedaydoctor clinics can offer confidential fast access to all three HIV testing options with fast results. Results can be given in person, by phone or via email.

Make an appointment or walk-in where you see the walk-in symbol.

HIV risk: If you want to find out more about your HIV or AIDS risk, are feeling anxious about HIV, or just want to talk to someone then either visit one of our clinics or arrange a phone/email consultation with one of our doctors or specialist nurses. Click here to read more about HIV infection.

HIV positive result: If your HIV test is positive our experienced doctors and nurses are on hand to help with your diagnosis. We are able to facilitate transfer of care to the NHS or arrange for further testing. We can offer long term management of HIV if required. Click here for more on living with HIV.


HIV instant or same/ next day results£130
HIV early detection test from 10 days after exposure£280
Phone or email consultation£50

All prices are inclusive of the consultation fee, unless otherwise specified.

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